Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 5

 Monday: Great day today. I came and emailed then my companion and I washed the car so fun!! Haha... Then we went and had Baskin Robbins oh my gosh that ice cream was so good!! Then we went shopping for food, After shopping we came home and went on a hike with other sisters in my Zone we went to Flaming Geyser way fun. Then we came home got ready to go back and do the work and we went and visited Bailey hes an investigator that we are trying to work with. 
Tuesday: We had a district meeting and that was great we talked about sacrifices that we have to make to the Lord. What are some sacrificing that you are making right now for the Lord? For me its leaving back my family and friends to serve my Mission. Then we went and saw Tammy she was a lady that we met while tracking and shes great. We had a lesson with her and the spirit was so strong we asked her to pray and she did during the prayer she started crying seeing how strong the spirit really works in everyone's life is amazing. We committed her to baptism she said yes but she will have to ask her husband because hes a Catholic so she doesn't know if he would approve. But shes great!! Then we went tracking didn't find anyone to teach the gospel too.. so sad.. Then we went and tried Kimmie an investigator but we couldn't get in with her.. its so sad! We are trying to get in with her for days now it seems like but when we come and talk to her shes either super busy or have friends over. Then we had dinner at the Hunsakers house. After we went to Sister Hansons house to have dessert and to say good bye to sister and Elder Young they served in the Mission office and they are going back to Rexburg Idaho. Then we went and saw Sister Mitchell shes a recent convert. 
  Wednesday:We had new missionary training and just talked about our missions. President and sister Rasmussen are the cutest. So in our mission we cant talk to the Elders at all cant look at them or anything but now that we have a new President he's switching that up and we got to role play with the Elders, so new. Then we went and saw Sister Erwin and talked about tithing tithing works trust me if your struggling with money or just need money do tithing I promise it works its amazing! Then we had a great lesson with Andrew hes the one that wants to get baptized he switched his date to October 17th he's such a great bright kid. He loves the church and he wants to make sure he repents fully before he gets baptized.   
Thursday:Weekly planning! Just my favorite!! Hahah Then went and had a lesson with Cori shes so cute we talked about how baptism is important. Then went to sister Jephsons house and we ate cheesecake!!!! YUMMMYYYYY! Then we went and tried to see Sister Brundage but whenever we try her shes never home we don't know what to do about her....
Friday: Oh My Goodness I've been on my mission for a MONTH NOW!! SAY WHAT!!!! Also such a great day so we have been trying a guy for weeks and days and we never could get in with him. We prayed to know if we should drop him and we went and tried him and he was home crazy!!! I for sure am so glad that we got in with him... We talked about the restoration. Then we went finding oh man I was so BOLD Finally I haven't been forever but today I was!!!! I got talking to 5 people and they are all very interested and we are going to go try them this week!!  
Saturday: We went and did service at Sister Horns House we just really talked to her for our service... hahah thats the sisters we just talk! Then we had a lesson with Andrew hes great! It was such a great lesson. Then we went out tracking with Abby and we found a guy that believes in Aliens and said that Jesus Christ is an alien and that Satan isn't a bad alien he just made sins so he's also a good Alien haha so funny!!! And so interesting then we got the chance to go to a baptism today because Sister Hammond taught this 11 year old so we got to go and see him be baptized I drove for an hour on the freeway not knowing where I was going! I am getting so good at driving!!
Sunday: Great Sunday Day! We went and had dinner at Sister Farmsworths house and we prepared a lesson but it was so funny she said all of the things that we were going to ask her and commit her. Great lesson. Then latter on the day we stopped at a house that is an investigator and shes so ready to learn its so cool. But that's about it...
 Do you have a chance to read Shelby's  or Courtneys blog? No I do not have no time on the computers. I would love to know what they are doing though! 
Do you want me to send you their letters? Yes please!!
 And would you have time to read them or print them out? I would print them out and read them
Can you please look for skirts for me they can be long flowy and have pockets they just cant pass my ankles or be above my knees and to tight around my bum any color black, and then what ever colors cute ones that I can wear with anything.
How did all your appointments go this week? Great!!! When do I need to get my blood work done?
Is your baptism still on? Yes October 15th
When are your next transfers? Next week so I wont be able to write on monday
Are you meeting lots of great new people? Yes
How are you doing money wise do you spend very much? I dont really know haha check.
I love you guys too! I need a gps!! So I can find my way around haha miss you.

 Sister Roberts.

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