Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 6

My week this week has been fun and crazy!

Wednesday: Was district meeting it was great! I for sure needed it. It was on being confident and how we need to make sacrifices for the Lord to help us out. Also if you have a lack of faith pray!! You need that faith to believe! You have to gain your own testimony and not rely on others testimonies. A lot of people can come on a mission but if you're not fulfilling to become an example of Jesus Christ then you wont gain any knowledge that you need. God has called 18 and 19 year old's to go serve and teach this wonderful doctrine instead of professional sales men. God will help us out, he is there to help us teach this doctrine. Also we can fail at least we are failing at trying and that equals success. After district meeting we went and saw Sister Ainsworth she's a recent convert and she is the best working on going to the temple to do baptisms.(: Then we had a lesson with Andrew the 14 year old boy that is getting baptized on October 15th he is so great and so strong in the gospel. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and agreed to stop drinking coffee(: He's so funny! He was thinking that you cant drink monsters so he said that he wont be able to stop drinking them but he will try to. He was just funny. Then we went finding and we found a lady named Comela and told us to come back. Then we went and saw the Coats they are less active we just talked to them tried to figure out to help them and asked if we can do service with them on Friday. She agreed we are working on that family.  

Thursday: We had weekly Planning, It was good.   Then we went and saw Sam and Kathrine and they are investigators that we are working with. Then we saw Harold he's also an investigator such a funny guy!! We came by and he told us that he doesn't want us to go back to our friends saying that our efforts didn't bear any fruits while he was saying this he threw us an apple haha so funny!! Then we went and saw Sister Dean the bishops wife and just talked to her. Then we had dinner at the Thompsons they are less active and the wife is an investigator. Such a great family. 

Friday: We went and had a lesson with Cori she's a less active and we talked to her about the priesthood and how the women also have a part in the priesthood read Moses 6: 59-60. Then we went and saw Sister Coats and did service with her. She has a Christmas tree farm i love it!! Then we had dinner at the Johnsons. Then afterwards we went finding and saw the Rothermels which are less active with Abby, Shes getting ready to go serve in Finland. Then we went and saw Sister Mitchell and that was just a crazy lesson we didn't even have a lesson the kids were crazy so we just played with the kids and prayed. 

Saturday: We went and saw Kathy Riley she's less active and she wont come back to church because all churches are true for her. There isn't one certain church that is the true church. Then we went finding and met this lady named Shawn and she wants us to come back. Then we had a lesson with Andrew about how we need to pray and read the Book Of Mormon it was a great lesson! Then we went and did service with sister Horne shes a less active that broke her leg she hasn't been able to walk for awhile so that's why she hasn't come to church. Then we went and saw Marge a lady that wants to die catholic but loves having us over.  

Sunday: Great Sabbath day! Abby Miles spoke for her farewell talk she did so good! Then after church we tried investigators that didn't answer the door. Then we had dinner at the Barkers house. Then went finding and we met a guy that yelled at us! We knocked and they were watching a movie they looked at us and they couldn't see us but then they went back to watching T.V we knocked again he came out and said do you know what time it is we said 8 he's like that is right why are you knocking so late when we have to wake up super early to go to work. We apologized and he's like you're not sorry stop apologizing because you're not sorry. It went on for awhile. Then we left and went and saw Sister Reyes shes going to give me a back message soon so excited! She also made us a cake! Yummy! 
Love you all thank you so much for everything! Love your favorite daughter(:

Questions to Saydi

I am doing good, home sick though it's so tough out here.
Are you learning Lots? Yes learning how to word words differently! Very hard but its good!
What was the best part of your week? District meeting
What is your favorite thing about being a missionary? I love seeing how peoples lives change when you meet with them.
How is the weather?  Freezing cold it didn't rain this week just been in its 60's
Are your driving skills getting better?   They have always been amazing!! Thank you so much Lori she is amazing i love her!
Things I want:
My coloring book,
 my colored pencils and pens,
calendar the one with everyone's birthday on it
my recipe book and other recipes 
my white hot chocolate
hymn book
small set of scriptures
my blanket its freezing here and i want it haha.
my star wars sweatshirt
a long pajama shirt like a night gown
Any thing else you want to send me thank you(:

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