Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 8

Hello Family, 

I am doing better this week.  Oh my goodness mom I am so sorry to hear about your arm!! That stinks! I was praying for your bicept not to drop either dang it!  I got my package it was Awesome thank you! So my reults just showed that my iron is low?
Your week in NYC sounds so much fun!!! Yes I would say that you can send me videos if its about you then of courseIi want to see it! haha That is seriously so cool I don't really know who those celebrities are but thats awesome!! How fun to go to the Cheetoh museum we need to find the cat Cheetos then! Haha Oh my goodness it sounds like you guys are just famous!!! Haha that's awesomeIi want to travel there now! I loved hearing about your trip so fun!!!
Yes everything from the package fit perfectly they are so cute thank you so much!! I have to wear tights with it all because its so cold here!! 

We aren"t doing anything for P-Day:(
I would love for everyone to send me uplifting spiritual thingsand I need to get a flash drive full of music Gethsemane church music! 
What was the best part of your week? Seeing miracels happen

 I love you guys I didn't really have time to email the family today sorry and I loved the video ofLliam keep that coming and I love the letters love you guys tons take care have a great week!!

  Monday: P-Day!! Are seriously my favorite days ever! Haha this P-Day we went to the mall and just shopped it was so fun! Then afterwards we went straight to work. Nothing really happened that day. 

Tuesday: We had District Meeting which is usually so great!!! A quote that I really liked was "If nothing changes then nothing changes" So go out and change yourself for the better! Then we had a great lesson with Shanna she's an investigator her Mom was Mormon but she married a Christian so she stopped going. 

Wednesday: We went to a less actives house and she said that she wants to be sealed with her husband in the temple so they are working on that this week!! So exciting! Then we helped someone organize her house. That was fun she had a lot of work out and planned meals to eat to go on a diet. Then we had dinner at a members house we had chili it was so good! Then we helped someone organize her house she has a lot of crafts and she just collects crafts so we are trying to get rid of crafts that she has. It's so funny how many people we are working with to clean and organize their houses. It's a great lesson for me to not gather so much junk that I will not need LOL!(: 

Thursday: Weekly planning I love weekly planning! I need to work on bearing my testimony with others and being confident in myself. Then we went to the doctors and where there forever!!! Then we went to Marge's shes an investigator, we vacuumed her house we are also organizing her house too! Man peoples houses are going to become so pretty after we are done! 

Friday: We went to a Chiropractic he was so great! He shares the gospel with everyone that comes to him, he said that he's gotten two baptisms by them coming to him. Which is so cool! He chose a job where he can share the gospel and also do something that he enjoys doing! Then we went to Sister Coats we are also helping her organize her house and doing service for her. She wants to also be sealed to her husband so we are going to be working on that! Then we went to Marge's house and had dinner! She told me that I am to pushy... Because I want her to read the Book Of Mormon. My bad... Then we went over to the Ady's they are less active and we had a lesson with them which was such a great lesson! We watched a mormon video! Then we while tracking we heard gun shots so we were about to walk back but then someone yelled to us so went and talked to her. She met with the mormons before and said that she always had a question about our church why no girls can be prophets so we talked about the priesthood it was a great lesson but she said that they aren't interested it was so sad... 

Saturday: We had a great lesson with Andrew the 14 year old boy I am so excited for his baptism! He's going so strong! Then it was the womens Broadcast which was so cool! Miracle today we saw a lady looking through her purse to find her keys that morning i got the prompting to bring my flashlight so I did we saw her and she had no light so I told her that I do and we had such a great lesson about the gospel and she said that she wants to meet with us again! I am so excited about that!!!

Sunday: It was the primary program the kids are so cute!!!!(:
Commitment: Will you find people to share the gospel to? Will you pray to have missionary opportunities? 
I know that if you do those things you will be blessed and love the gospel more!(:
Love, Sister Roberts

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 7

Monday: It was a great P-day we slept haha nothing fun... Then we went and saw Sister Manton shes a less active and has a problem with smoking so we asked her if we can write scriptures on her cigar boxes and she laughed and said NO! haha Because then she would be smoking  Christs word. We started Laughing our heads off! Then we found a guy named Berry he gave us a talk about how we need to be happy in this life and if we aren't happy then do something about it! Don't complain about it that's the last thing anyone wants to hear. Then we met a lady from Africa her name is Penjova she said that she hasn't been happy for a long time then she saw us and saw the light in us and now she is happy! It was such a cool experience!(: 

Tuesday: We had zone training which was so good!! It was about planning and setting goals, the most boring subject there is but they tied in the Atonement with it so it was so uplifting! It was the best! We must all repent daily. The Atonement is a huge part of this gospel, Jesus didn't just suffer for us not to repent he suffered for us so we can repent daily. Change is necessary God wants us to change and to improve every single day. Will you repent daily? Will you bring all your problems to the Lord? I know that if you do your burdens will be lighter and that you will become happier in this life! Then we went and saw Tami shes an investigator that wants to be baptized but her husband is Catholic so shes afraid to ask him if she can be baptized. Then we went and had dinner at the Bishop Deans house. We had a lesson with a girl named Cameo. We taught her the restoration and i could not speak through the whole lesson it was so hard! 

Wednesday: We had a lesson with Andrew about the law of Chastity the first lesson that I ever gave on that subject. I thought it was going to be so awkward. But it was so good at the end of the lesson he said that he could feel the spirit so strongly! What i never thought you could through that lesson it was so cool!! Then we went and saw the Adys such a great family! They are all less actives though... 

Thursday: Weekly planning! It was great Sister Hammond and I are going strong. We went and saw sister Ainsworth she is great! She is getting her patriarchal blessing on next Sunday! Cant wait (:

 We did service we are working with a total of 5 people doing service for them it's crazy but fun! we are just organizing everything! Sorry my time is almost up! I just pretty much did service for the rest. I hope everyone has a great week love you all!(:
Have fun in New York!!!(:

Week 6

My week this week has been fun and crazy!

Wednesday: Was district meeting it was great! I for sure needed it. It was on being confident and how we need to make sacrifices for the Lord to help us out. Also if you have a lack of faith pray!! You need that faith to believe! You have to gain your own testimony and not rely on others testimonies. A lot of people can come on a mission but if you're not fulfilling to become an example of Jesus Christ then you wont gain any knowledge that you need. God has called 18 and 19 year old's to go serve and teach this wonderful doctrine instead of professional sales men. God will help us out, he is there to help us teach this doctrine. Also we can fail at least we are failing at trying and that equals success. After district meeting we went and saw Sister Ainsworth she's a recent convert and she is the best working on going to the temple to do baptisms.(: Then we had a lesson with Andrew the 14 year old boy that is getting baptized on October 15th he is so great and so strong in the gospel. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and agreed to stop drinking coffee(: He's so funny! He was thinking that you cant drink monsters so he said that he wont be able to stop drinking them but he will try to. He was just funny. Then we went finding and we found a lady named Comela and told us to come back. Then we went and saw the Coats they are less active we just talked to them tried to figure out to help them and asked if we can do service with them on Friday. She agreed we are working on that family.  

Thursday: We had weekly Planning, It was good.   Then we went and saw Sam and Kathrine and they are investigators that we are working with. Then we saw Harold he's also an investigator such a funny guy!! We came by and he told us that he doesn't want us to go back to our friends saying that our efforts didn't bear any fruits while he was saying this he threw us an apple haha so funny!! Then we went and saw Sister Dean the bishops wife and just talked to her. Then we had dinner at the Thompsons they are less active and the wife is an investigator. Such a great family. 

Friday: We went and had a lesson with Cori she's a less active and we talked to her about the priesthood and how the women also have a part in the priesthood read Moses 6: 59-60. Then we went and saw Sister Coats and did service with her. She has a Christmas tree farm i love it!! Then we had dinner at the Johnsons. Then afterwards we went finding and saw the Rothermels which are less active with Abby, Shes getting ready to go serve in Finland. Then we went and saw Sister Mitchell and that was just a crazy lesson we didn't even have a lesson the kids were crazy so we just played with the kids and prayed. 

Saturday: We went and saw Kathy Riley she's less active and she wont come back to church because all churches are true for her. There isn't one certain church that is the true church. Then we went finding and met this lady named Shawn and she wants us to come back. Then we had a lesson with Andrew about how we need to pray and read the Book Of Mormon it was a great lesson! Then we went and did service with sister Horne shes a less active that broke her leg she hasn't been able to walk for awhile so that's why she hasn't come to church. Then we went and saw Marge a lady that wants to die catholic but loves having us over.  

Sunday: Great Sabbath day! Abby Miles spoke for her farewell talk she did so good! Then after church we tried investigators that didn't answer the door. Then we had dinner at the Barkers house. Then went finding and we met a guy that yelled at us! We knocked and they were watching a movie they looked at us and they couldn't see us but then they went back to watching T.V we knocked again he came out and said do you know what time it is we said 8 he's like that is right why are you knocking so late when we have to wake up super early to go to work. We apologized and he's like you're not sorry stop apologizing because you're not sorry. It went on for awhile. Then we left and went and saw Sister Reyes shes going to give me a back message soon so excited! She also made us a cake! Yummy! 
Love you all thank you so much for everything! Love your favorite daughter(:

Questions to Saydi

I am doing good, home sick though it's so tough out here.
Are you learning Lots? Yes learning how to word words differently! Very hard but its good!
What was the best part of your week? District meeting
What is your favorite thing about being a missionary? I love seeing how peoples lives change when you meet with them.
How is the weather?  Freezing cold it didn't rain this week just been in its 60's
Are your driving skills getting better?   They have always been amazing!! Thank you so much Lori she is amazing i love her!
Things I want:
My coloring book,
 my colored pencils and pens,
calendar the one with everyone's birthday on it
my recipe book and other recipes 
my white hot chocolate
hymn book
small set of scriptures
my blanket its freezing here and i want it haha.
my star wars sweatshirt
a long pajama shirt like a night gown
Any thing else you want to send me thank you(:

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 5

 Monday: Great day today. I came and emailed then my companion and I washed the car so fun!! Haha... Then we went and had Baskin Robbins oh my gosh that ice cream was so good!! Then we went shopping for food, After shopping we came home and went on a hike with other sisters in my Zone we went to Flaming Geyser way fun. Then we came home got ready to go back and do the work and we went and visited Bailey hes an investigator that we are trying to work with. 
Tuesday: We had a district meeting and that was great we talked about sacrifices that we have to make to the Lord. What are some sacrificing that you are making right now for the Lord? For me its leaving back my family and friends to serve my Mission. Then we went and saw Tammy she was a lady that we met while tracking and shes great. We had a lesson with her and the spirit was so strong we asked her to pray and she did during the prayer she started crying seeing how strong the spirit really works in everyone's life is amazing. We committed her to baptism she said yes but she will have to ask her husband because hes a Catholic so she doesn't know if he would approve. But shes great!! Then we went tracking didn't find anyone to teach the gospel too.. so sad.. Then we went and tried Kimmie an investigator but we couldn't get in with her.. its so sad! We are trying to get in with her for days now it seems like but when we come and talk to her shes either super busy or have friends over. Then we had dinner at the Hunsakers house. After we went to Sister Hansons house to have dessert and to say good bye to sister and Elder Young they served in the Mission office and they are going back to Rexburg Idaho. Then we went and saw Sister Mitchell shes a recent convert. 
  Wednesday:We had new missionary training and just talked about our missions. President and sister Rasmussen are the cutest. So in our mission we cant talk to the Elders at all cant look at them or anything but now that we have a new President he's switching that up and we got to role play with the Elders, so new. Then we went and saw Sister Erwin and talked about tithing tithing works trust me if your struggling with money or just need money do tithing I promise it works its amazing! Then we had a great lesson with Andrew hes the one that wants to get baptized he switched his date to October 17th he's such a great bright kid. He loves the church and he wants to make sure he repents fully before he gets baptized.   
Thursday:Weekly planning! Just my favorite!! Hahah Then went and had a lesson with Cori shes so cute we talked about how baptism is important. Then went to sister Jephsons house and we ate cheesecake!!!! YUMMMYYYYY! Then we went and tried to see Sister Brundage but whenever we try her shes never home we don't know what to do about her....
Friday: Oh My Goodness I've been on my mission for a MONTH NOW!! SAY WHAT!!!! Also such a great day so we have been trying a guy for weeks and days and we never could get in with him. We prayed to know if we should drop him and we went and tried him and he was home crazy!!! I for sure am so glad that we got in with him... We talked about the restoration. Then we went finding oh man I was so BOLD Finally I haven't been forever but today I was!!!! I got talking to 5 people and they are all very interested and we are going to go try them this week!!  
Saturday: We went and did service at Sister Horns House we just really talked to her for our service... hahah thats the sisters we just talk! Then we had a lesson with Andrew hes great! It was such a great lesson. Then we went out tracking with Abby and we found a guy that believes in Aliens and said that Jesus Christ is an alien and that Satan isn't a bad alien he just made sins so he's also a good Alien haha so funny!!! And so interesting then we got the chance to go to a baptism today because Sister Hammond taught this 11 year old so we got to go and see him be baptized I drove for an hour on the freeway not knowing where I was going! I am getting so good at driving!!
Sunday: Great Sunday Day! We went and had dinner at Sister Farmsworths house and we prepared a lesson but it was so funny she said all of the things that we were going to ask her and commit her. Great lesson. Then latter on the day we stopped at a house that is an investigator and shes so ready to learn its so cool. But that's about it...
 Do you have a chance to read Shelby's  or Courtneys blog? No I do not have no time on the computers. I would love to know what they are doing though! 
Do you want me to send you their letters? Yes please!!
 And would you have time to read them or print them out? I would print them out and read them
Can you please look for skirts for me they can be long flowy and have pockets they just cant pass my ankles or be above my knees and to tight around my bum any color black, and then what ever colors cute ones that I can wear with anything.
How did all your appointments go this week? Great!!! When do I need to get my blood work done?
Is your baptism still on? Yes October 15th
When are your next transfers? Next week so I wont be able to write on monday
Are you meeting lots of great new people? Yes
How are you doing money wise do you spend very much? I dont really know haha check.
I love you guys too! I need a gps!! So I can find my way around haha miss you.

 Sister Roberts.

Week 4

Hello Family!
   My week is going a lot better but you doubt a lot on your mission it feels like because Satan is always around you. Yes I remember that talk and I try so hard to get to the work but I don't like talking to people haha. and that's what your mission is all about is talking to others haha. I feel like my love for people is already there as you can tell I love others that my family doesn't even love haha!!!!! 

So are you exhausted everyday? Can that just be a simple word YESSS!!
Is your companion waiting for you to get ready everyday? Haha no I am learning how to be fast and I don't do my hair anymore and I just put on mascara so I can get ready super fast now and plus we have personal study at 8 so thats good! 

So you said you spent all Friday doing planning, do you like that
? Well for 3 hours haha and yeah I actually really like it because you start thinking about others before yourself.  
What do you do for your planning? We just plan lessons.
What was the best part of your week? Haha probably meeting Mike!!!
What have you learned important this week? I love 1 Nephi 14:14 its my motivation haha just because you always have to put that armor of God on 

Did you have dinner appointments this week? We had one dinner appointment and oh my goodness I love that family they are so sarcastic and there sarcasm is like the rude sarcasm oh man I love those people they are my favorite I think its so fun and funny to be around them!!!!
Monday:We had missionary choir and practiced our songs that we are going to sing for the Sunday  Mission devotional. We met a lady named Gretchin and she was so strong in her faith. We loved getting to know her she was addicted to drugs and drinking but she over came that addiction and shes strong now. She is also going through a divorce. Then we saw Marge and we played with her puppies I am obsessed with dogs. I don't really like cats anymore haha how is our cats doing?? That was about all today. P-days are great.
Tuesday: We had a district meeting it was great we talked about faith and works something that I learned was that you have to trust him with all your heart know that he always loves you and also faith is an action word faith will be manifested through diligence and also by working on growing your faith. We visited Sister Erwin and her son dropped nail polish all over her carpet so we just did service for her and got out all of the nail polish using nail polish remover. Then we went out with Abby shes getting ready to go to Finland. So shes coming out and teaching with us a lot. We got an investigator but he doesn't want live in our area so its sad we have other missionaries going to go and see him. Then we went to Cedar Lanes park with the ward and had a potluck. I love my ward! Then we went out and did more finding while we were driving I saw a naked man in his vehicle it was so gross!!!! 
Wednesday: We went and did service at the food bank. Then we went and saw sister Mitchell she's a Recent Convert. Then we went and saw Sister Baker shes so cute we just hung out with her and talked to her. Then we were suppose to have a lesson with one of our investigators but it fell through. So we just went and hung out and shared a spiritual message with the Bishop and talked about ways we can bring others to come unto Christ. Then we went and saw Sister Manton and talked about faith and hope with her. Then we went and saw Brother Ady and his family and shared a Mormon message video with them. 
Thursday: We had weekly planning. Then went and saw if one of our investigators was home with Abby and she was but she just had surgery so we didn't have a chance to meet with her. Then we went finding and didn't find anyone everyone was gone it was very hot this week. in the 90. Then we went and saw Marge and did service with her and also played with her cute puppies again. Then we had Ward correlation and talked about missionary work. 
Friday: We went out finding and we found 2 investigators. Then had a lesson with Cori and talked about Obedience and keeping the commandments. Then went and saw Sister Erwin. Then we went over to Sister Ainsworths house because shes speaking at the mission devotional so we are helping her out. Then we went to dinner hahaha they are the best people ever!!!! Then we went and saw Sister Bothell and on our way there we meet a couple that was very interested to learn more about missions and our religion and asked us questions about the garments.  
Saturday: We Went and saw Sister Horn and did service with her. Then we went finding and while we were doing this we meet a guy named Mike he was walking home so we asked if we could walk with him and he said yeah that's fine so we did and we started talking to him and found out that he started up his own restaurant and that hes making bank by doing that but he said that he wanted to make food but that's not what the restaurant business is all about if you own it you never have time to make food you are out taking care of other expenses and taking care of the restaurant all the time. Also your the one that hires and fires people and we just talked all about it we got to his house he invited us in and let us sit down and gave us water he was so nice we met his wife earlier in the week so it was pretty funny how that worked out. But they are'nt really interested but that will change. haha But Mike is awesome! Then we went over to Sister Mitchells house and while we were leaving there's this guy that told us what are we doing here. we need to go home, the world isn't safe for us to go out here on our own. He was telling us all this crazy stuff that was about going home and that made me so home sick that I struggled the rest of the night. But at the end he said that he was drinking. Crazy drunk people haha. Then we went over to Sister Ainsworths house and she practiced her talk with us shes going to do great at the devotional!!
Sunday: Busy day church and the Sunday Mission Devotional the mission devotional is good a lot of recent converts talked, then we had missionaries bear their testimonies, then we sang and also there was videos. There were a lot of investigators at the church and it was just so cool to see the recent converts know that this is the only true church and that they doubted many of times but once they heard this church prayed and read the scriptures they knew that this was the true church. So I ask you to take that challenge in your own life to pray and read the book of Mormon because I know that if you do you will see the light in this wonderful gospel! I love this church and always will!
Love you tons and miss you!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 Monday: We met a guy named Tim and a guy named Ken super nice gentlemen they were walking there dogs and we started talking to them. Went and saw Sister Ainsworth shes the recent convert she's the cutest and my new best friend. haha she's in her 50's I would say. But we just had a great day.

Tuesday. Went and saw a less active Sister Reagen we just talked about studying the book of Mormon and working on personal progress. Then we went and visited Corri she's a less active and has blue hair! How cool is that? haha We talked about Joseph Smith. Then we went and saw the Bishop and his wife they are the cutest I love them so much!! Then we went out and went finding we talked to Frate the Romanian he is so cool! Then we went finding for a little because we heard that Sir Mix Alot lives here the singer so we went and stopped at his house he wasn't home which was sad.. But his house was gorgeous and so big! Then we went home because we did exchanges. I got exchanged with Sister Young. Shes super cute and way fun. 

Wednesday: I was at Star Lake and I just saw the atonement work so strongly with this one guy named Sabastian he told us that he is trying to stop smoking and also stop drinking and we didn't even mention anything to him about the Word Of Wisdom but it was just so cool because of prayer and reading the Book Of Mormon he's wanting to stop. It was just such a cool experience. Then I went back home with Sister Hammond. She was on exchanges with Sister Erickson. 

Thursday: ZONE CONFERENCE: I love it so much!  I love sister and President Rassmusen. One thing that I got from it was that we are all different every one is there own certain person don't judge someone by how they look or the actions that you see in them because in their lives it could have been the worst life ever but you will never know that because right then and there you judged them and you wont change your mind about that person. Let go all judgments until you know them inside and out their life could have been so hard you never know. So put that judgement down. Everyone has a person that they love some may look at them and ask why do you love them Heavenly Father loves everyone so we need to start loving everyone we all love someone because of something inside them. I hope that makes sense just love EVERYONE don't choose who you love. 

Friday: Not much happened because of weekly planning it takes most of your day up. 

Saturday: We did service for Sister Horn outside work! Then we went over to Sister Johnsons and we helped her get organized. Then we had Andrews lesson it was amazing we talked about faith how we all have faith and that's how we grow. Sister Hammond asked him to be baptized on September 10th and he agreed the excitement from that was amazing tingles every where the spirit was with us I could feel it so strongly I love it! Then we went out finding and we met this African lady her name is Solema shes from Kenya it was just so cool and shes so interested but she's always super busy so if we catch her when shes not busy we can have a lesson with her.

Sunday: It was just a good day honestly we just went to church and had a FHE with Corri and her family it was good they are all active and her mom is a painter an amazing painter. I love the many talents that I see around here. We also saw Solema walking on the streets so we stopped the car and talked to her. 
Pain is doing a lot better, and no lice so far... 
So are you getting up and exercising every morning? 
Yes you can ride bikes whenever you want to we usually dont but when we run out of miles on the car we will ride them. 
 How are you liking the weather? It was super hot this week and its so different because of the humidity...
 Are all your shoes okay for the area that you're in? So far they are good.
How are you liking the food do you get to go eat at member's house often? No not really just depends when they want us over we usually have taco salads though so its really yummy!!
Are you figuring out the area that you're in and knowing how to get around a little more easier? I have been driving a lot more by the way thanks to you for not letting me drive on freeways I almost got into a car accident because I dont know how to drive on them and we are on free ways like all the time.....
What are you finding out about yourself? I don't have confidence in myself at all so I am trying to gain confidence in myself. Also I hate talking  haha. I am actually very shy. haha
Are you being a little more Bolder and a little more confident? Haha trying to. 
What is the hardest thing for you to do? Know all of the doctrine and learning.
 What was your spiritual moment of the week? Seeing how the atonement and prayer works in peoples life.
What are you doing for P-day?  For P-day we are having a devotional on Sunday and missionaries are singing at it so i went and sung at it i got to see Sister Wynder and Sister Tayco the sisters that were in my district.

I am so excited to hear that kade made the team! good luck bud show them how its done! 

Honestly anything that you want to send me will be great! Also I am called a greeny here because I am new. haha But honestly anything probably letters from everyone.
Thats so exciting about Audrey way fun!!
Love you all take care family. Love you.

PS.  by the way in my mission there are 4 languages that the missionaries speak.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I got my first door slammed on me!

My week has been crazy! 
Sister Hammond my companion would be like do you smell that its Marijuana its so strong! It smells like weed everywhere!!!! (Note in case you didn't know in Washington it's legal to have marijuana so you can smell it all the time)

 Monday: We didn't do much we went tracting and taught 2 investigators on the street but they weren't interested later on. Then we went to a FHE at the Mitchells it was fun she's single and has 2 boys and they are CRAZY!!

Tuesday: It rained!!! Well it was Washington rain so its just like a mist its so nice when it rains!  I had a district meeting that was fun! We went tracting no one wanted to hear us I also got my first door slammed on me! Its so sad! It was so not fun! Then we tried to see one of our investigators but she wasn't home so we went and played with puppies! Everyone seems to have a dog here! 

Wednesday we worked at a food bank and also found a note on our car that says hello gorgeous girls and he left us his number and told us that we left the light on. We called him and he was interested on learning more about our church so we sent the elders that way! haha  We also went tracting with a girl named Malory and we found a potential investigator his name is Sam, Then we had dinner at the Strattons. Then talked to a sister in our ward Sister Reyes for about 2 hours. 

Thursday: We had weekly planning for 3 HOURS!! Then afterwards we went find them and we found no one. Later we had a lesson at a recent converts house and 2 of her grandchildren have lice so I hope we don't have it! After that I felt sick so we had to go home!

Friday: We went and saw the Apartment Manager because its the Law to go see them and we found out that Sister Hammond was Living with an Elder because no one changed  her last companion. haha  Then we tried to go find sister Brundage she's an investigator and she wasn't home. Then we went to Pep boys to go get our head light fixed. Then we went back out tracting and found a less active his name is Doug. Then we went and saw this lady Michelle on the street and she's interested but her husbands father started up a church so she feels like she cant leave that church. But she loves us. Later I felt sick again...

Saturday: We went and saw Andrew he's going to get baptized soon hopefully he's been reading the Book Of Mormon and he's loving church, he's the 14 year old. Then I went to the doctors... For My stomach because if you have stomach pain of any kind you have to go see the doctors. I just have Abdominal pain me and my stomach have problems. Then we went home so I could sleep then we went to a devotional which was so good it talked about how we Have to always put our self in the work in all that we do. To become a peace maker and to love your future kids or love your kids and endure to the end with them!
Sunday: I still am having pain but I will make it! We had dinner at the Hartwigs and he was telling us how he didn't follow any of the mission rules. He had pretty funny stories! Then we went tracting and we found someone walking in the streets so we went after her and we started talking to her then she started running and Sister Hammond ran after her and kept running with her it was so funny!! Then we went and saw Sister Ainsworth. She's so fun we talked about suicides and how sad that is. So we just talked about that it was so sad!!! But that's pretty much it! Oh yeah I also gave a lesson in young womens this week it was great it was about families.

Monday: Today we went shopping for food and also got a hair cut and now I am emailing! 

Did you get a tablet? No not yet we did get a book for it though so we will see!!
Did you say you rode a bike to church? Yes we rode bikes to church with James he's 10 years old and he's a potential investigator with his mom. But his mom was sick.
Did they give you sheets or did you use yours? They gave us sheets but Sister Hammond said that it was good that I brought them because certain places you need them.
So did you go get your prescription filled and if so how much was it? It was 31 and yes I got it on Tuesday.        How have you been feeling? Still in pain but trying to work around it.
 Can you order a preach my gospel there? I will try to order it not sure though.  Do you have everything else you need? I hope so so far I am good I think I did finish one of my journals haha.   
How are you and your companion doing? I love my companion she's great!  What are you doing for play today? Nothing we don't get out and do things really.

 Well I Love you Family Take care! 
Love, Your Missionary