Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 Monday: We met a guy named Tim and a guy named Ken super nice gentlemen they were walking there dogs and we started talking to them. Went and saw Sister Ainsworth shes the recent convert she's the cutest and my new best friend. haha she's in her 50's I would say. But we just had a great day.

Tuesday. Went and saw a less active Sister Reagen we just talked about studying the book of Mormon and working on personal progress. Then we went and visited Corri she's a less active and has blue hair! How cool is that? haha We talked about Joseph Smith. Then we went and saw the Bishop and his wife they are the cutest I love them so much!! Then we went out and went finding we talked to Frate the Romanian he is so cool! Then we went finding for a little because we heard that Sir Mix Alot lives here the singer so we went and stopped at his house he wasn't home which was sad.. But his house was gorgeous and so big! Then we went home because we did exchanges. I got exchanged with Sister Young. Shes super cute and way fun. 

Wednesday: I was at Star Lake and I just saw the atonement work so strongly with this one guy named Sabastian he told us that he is trying to stop smoking and also stop drinking and we didn't even mention anything to him about the Word Of Wisdom but it was just so cool because of prayer and reading the Book Of Mormon he's wanting to stop. It was just such a cool experience. Then I went back home with Sister Hammond. She was on exchanges with Sister Erickson. 

Thursday: ZONE CONFERENCE: I love it so much!  I love sister and President Rassmusen. One thing that I got from it was that we are all different every one is there own certain person don't judge someone by how they look or the actions that you see in them because in their lives it could have been the worst life ever but you will never know that because right then and there you judged them and you wont change your mind about that person. Let go all judgments until you know them inside and out their life could have been so hard you never know. So put that judgement down. Everyone has a person that they love some may look at them and ask why do you love them Heavenly Father loves everyone so we need to start loving everyone we all love someone because of something inside them. I hope that makes sense just love EVERYONE don't choose who you love. 

Friday: Not much happened because of weekly planning it takes most of your day up. 

Saturday: We did service for Sister Horn outside work! Then we went over to Sister Johnsons and we helped her get organized. Then we had Andrews lesson it was amazing we talked about faith how we all have faith and that's how we grow. Sister Hammond asked him to be baptized on September 10th and he agreed the excitement from that was amazing tingles every where the spirit was with us I could feel it so strongly I love it! Then we went out finding and we met this African lady her name is Solema shes from Kenya it was just so cool and shes so interested but she's always super busy so if we catch her when shes not busy we can have a lesson with her.

Sunday: It was just a good day honestly we just went to church and had a FHE with Corri and her family it was good they are all active and her mom is a painter an amazing painter. I love the many talents that I see around here. We also saw Solema walking on the streets so we stopped the car and talked to her. 
Pain is doing a lot better, and no lice so far... 
So are you getting up and exercising every morning? 
Yes you can ride bikes whenever you want to we usually dont but when we run out of miles on the car we will ride them. 
 How are you liking the weather? It was super hot this week and its so different because of the humidity...
 Are all your shoes okay for the area that you're in? So far they are good.
How are you liking the food do you get to go eat at member's house often? No not really just depends when they want us over we usually have taco salads though so its really yummy!!
Are you figuring out the area that you're in and knowing how to get around a little more easier? I have been driving a lot more by the way thanks to you for not letting me drive on freeways I almost got into a car accident because I dont know how to drive on them and we are on free ways like all the time.....
What are you finding out about yourself? I don't have confidence in myself at all so I am trying to gain confidence in myself. Also I hate talking  haha. I am actually very shy. haha
Are you being a little more Bolder and a little more confident? Haha trying to. 
What is the hardest thing for you to do? Know all of the doctrine and learning.
 What was your spiritual moment of the week? Seeing how the atonement and prayer works in peoples life.
What are you doing for P-day?  For P-day we are having a devotional on Sunday and missionaries are singing at it so i went and sung at it i got to see Sister Wynder and Sister Tayco the sisters that were in my district.

I am so excited to hear that kade made the team! good luck bud show them how its done! 

Honestly anything that you want to send me will be great! Also I am called a greeny here because I am new. haha But honestly anything probably letters from everyone.
Thats so exciting about Audrey way fun!!
Love you all take care family. Love you.

PS.  by the way in my mission there are 4 languages that the missionaries speak.

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