Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I got my first door slammed on me!

My week has been crazy! 
Sister Hammond my companion would be like do you smell that its Marijuana its so strong! It smells like weed everywhere!!!! (Note in case you didn't know in Washington it's legal to have marijuana so you can smell it all the time)

 Monday: We didn't do much we went tracting and taught 2 investigators on the street but they weren't interested later on. Then we went to a FHE at the Mitchells it was fun she's single and has 2 boys and they are CRAZY!!

Tuesday: It rained!!! Well it was Washington rain so its just like a mist its so nice when it rains!  I had a district meeting that was fun! We went tracting no one wanted to hear us I also got my first door slammed on me! Its so sad! It was so not fun! Then we tried to see one of our investigators but she wasn't home so we went and played with puppies! Everyone seems to have a dog here! 

Wednesday we worked at a food bank and also found a note on our car that says hello gorgeous girls and he left us his number and told us that we left the light on. We called him and he was interested on learning more about our church so we sent the elders that way! haha  We also went tracting with a girl named Malory and we found a potential investigator his name is Sam, Then we had dinner at the Strattons. Then talked to a sister in our ward Sister Reyes for about 2 hours. 

Thursday: We had weekly planning for 3 HOURS!! Then afterwards we went find them and we found no one. Later we had a lesson at a recent converts house and 2 of her grandchildren have lice so I hope we don't have it! After that I felt sick so we had to go home!

Friday: We went and saw the Apartment Manager because its the Law to go see them and we found out that Sister Hammond was Living with an Elder because no one changed  her last companion. haha  Then we tried to go find sister Brundage she's an investigator and she wasn't home. Then we went to Pep boys to go get our head light fixed. Then we went back out tracting and found a less active his name is Doug. Then we went and saw this lady Michelle on the street and she's interested but her husbands father started up a church so she feels like she cant leave that church. But she loves us. Later I felt sick again...

Saturday: We went and saw Andrew he's going to get baptized soon hopefully he's been reading the Book Of Mormon and he's loving church, he's the 14 year old. Then I went to the doctors... For My stomach because if you have stomach pain of any kind you have to go see the doctors. I just have Abdominal pain me and my stomach have problems. Then we went home so I could sleep then we went to a devotional which was so good it talked about how we Have to always put our self in the work in all that we do. To become a peace maker and to love your future kids or love your kids and endure to the end with them!
Sunday: I still am having pain but I will make it! We had dinner at the Hartwigs and he was telling us how he didn't follow any of the mission rules. He had pretty funny stories! Then we went tracting and we found someone walking in the streets so we went after her and we started talking to her then she started running and Sister Hammond ran after her and kept running with her it was so funny!! Then we went and saw Sister Ainsworth. She's so fun we talked about suicides and how sad that is. So we just talked about that it was so sad!!! But that's pretty much it! Oh yeah I also gave a lesson in young womens this week it was great it was about families.

Monday: Today we went shopping for food and also got a hair cut and now I am emailing! 

Did you get a tablet? No not yet we did get a book for it though so we will see!!
Did you say you rode a bike to church? Yes we rode bikes to church with James he's 10 years old and he's a potential investigator with his mom. But his mom was sick.
Did they give you sheets or did you use yours? They gave us sheets but Sister Hammond said that it was good that I brought them because certain places you need them.
So did you go get your prescription filled and if so how much was it? It was 31 and yes I got it on Tuesday.        How have you been feeling? Still in pain but trying to work around it.
 Can you order a preach my gospel there? I will try to order it not sure though.  Do you have everything else you need? I hope so so far I am good I think I did finish one of my journals haha.   
How are you and your companion doing? I love my companion she's great!  What are you doing for play today? Nothing we don't get out and do things really.

 Well I Love you Family Take care! 
Love, Your Missionary

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