Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 4

Hello Family!
   My week is going a lot better but you doubt a lot on your mission it feels like because Satan is always around you. Yes I remember that talk and I try so hard to get to the work but I don't like talking to people haha. and that's what your mission is all about is talking to others haha. I feel like my love for people is already there as you can tell I love others that my family doesn't even love haha!!!!! 

So are you exhausted everyday? Can that just be a simple word YESSS!!
Is your companion waiting for you to get ready everyday? Haha no I am learning how to be fast and I don't do my hair anymore and I just put on mascara so I can get ready super fast now and plus we have personal study at 8 so thats good! 

So you said you spent all Friday doing planning, do you like that
? Well for 3 hours haha and yeah I actually really like it because you start thinking about others before yourself.  
What do you do for your planning? We just plan lessons.
What was the best part of your week? Haha probably meeting Mike!!!
What have you learned important this week? I love 1 Nephi 14:14 its my motivation haha just because you always have to put that armor of God on 

Did you have dinner appointments this week? We had one dinner appointment and oh my goodness I love that family they are so sarcastic and there sarcasm is like the rude sarcasm oh man I love those people they are my favorite I think its so fun and funny to be around them!!!!
Monday:We had missionary choir and practiced our songs that we are going to sing for the Sunday  Mission devotional. We met a lady named Gretchin and she was so strong in her faith. We loved getting to know her she was addicted to drugs and drinking but she over came that addiction and shes strong now. She is also going through a divorce. Then we saw Marge and we played with her puppies I am obsessed with dogs. I don't really like cats anymore haha how is our cats doing?? That was about all today. P-days are great.
Tuesday: We had a district meeting it was great we talked about faith and works something that I learned was that you have to trust him with all your heart know that he always loves you and also faith is an action word faith will be manifested through diligence and also by working on growing your faith. We visited Sister Erwin and her son dropped nail polish all over her carpet so we just did service for her and got out all of the nail polish using nail polish remover. Then we went out with Abby shes getting ready to go to Finland. So shes coming out and teaching with us a lot. We got an investigator but he doesn't want live in our area so its sad we have other missionaries going to go and see him. Then we went to Cedar Lanes park with the ward and had a potluck. I love my ward! Then we went out and did more finding while we were driving I saw a naked man in his vehicle it was so gross!!!! 
Wednesday: We went and did service at the food bank. Then we went and saw sister Mitchell she's a Recent Convert. Then we went and saw Sister Baker shes so cute we just hung out with her and talked to her. Then we were suppose to have a lesson with one of our investigators but it fell through. So we just went and hung out and shared a spiritual message with the Bishop and talked about ways we can bring others to come unto Christ. Then we went and saw Sister Manton and talked about faith and hope with her. Then we went and saw Brother Ady and his family and shared a Mormon message video with them. 
Thursday: We had weekly planning. Then went and saw if one of our investigators was home with Abby and she was but she just had surgery so we didn't have a chance to meet with her. Then we went finding and didn't find anyone everyone was gone it was very hot this week. in the 90. Then we went and saw Marge and did service with her and also played with her cute puppies again. Then we had Ward correlation and talked about missionary work. 
Friday: We went out finding and we found 2 investigators. Then had a lesson with Cori and talked about Obedience and keeping the commandments. Then went and saw Sister Erwin. Then we went over to Sister Ainsworths house because shes speaking at the mission devotional so we are helping her out. Then we went to dinner hahaha they are the best people ever!!!! Then we went and saw Sister Bothell and on our way there we meet a couple that was very interested to learn more about missions and our religion and asked us questions about the garments.  
Saturday: We Went and saw Sister Horn and did service with her. Then we went finding and while we were doing this we meet a guy named Mike he was walking home so we asked if we could walk with him and he said yeah that's fine so we did and we started talking to him and found out that he started up his own restaurant and that hes making bank by doing that but he said that he wanted to make food but that's not what the restaurant business is all about if you own it you never have time to make food you are out taking care of other expenses and taking care of the restaurant all the time. Also your the one that hires and fires people and we just talked all about it we got to his house he invited us in and let us sit down and gave us water he was so nice we met his wife earlier in the week so it was pretty funny how that worked out. But they are'nt really interested but that will change. haha But Mike is awesome! Then we went over to Sister Mitchells house and while we were leaving there's this guy that told us what are we doing here. we need to go home, the world isn't safe for us to go out here on our own. He was telling us all this crazy stuff that was about going home and that made me so home sick that I struggled the rest of the night. But at the end he said that he was drinking. Crazy drunk people haha. Then we went over to Sister Ainsworths house and she practiced her talk with us shes going to do great at the devotional!!
Sunday: Busy day church and the Sunday Mission Devotional the mission devotional is good a lot of recent converts talked, then we had missionaries bear their testimonies, then we sang and also there was videos. There were a lot of investigators at the church and it was just so cool to see the recent converts know that this is the only true church and that they doubted many of times but once they heard this church prayed and read the scriptures they knew that this was the true church. So I ask you to take that challenge in your own life to pray and read the book of Mormon because I know that if you do you will see the light in this wonderful gospel! I love this church and always will!
Love you tons and miss you!

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