Friday, August 5, 2016


Questions in red are from Mom 

Hello Family,
 I am struggling missions are hard! Haha  It was so surprising to me to see the Sorensens, I was shocked but it was great seeing them I was feeling home sick so seeing them really helped me out.You should tell her to call us and take us out to lunch because we usually just eat fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner haha. I will tell you right now start preparing for your mission, you might think that they are easy and you don't have to prepare haha jokes on you you will struggle and not talk. I realized that I hate talking but you have to do it! I am just struggling wondering what did I get myself into. 
So tell me about your week? My week has been so hard honestly I am struggling I just hope that it can get better. I am struggling because I hate talking and also because it is a new place and not knowing anyone gets you home sick and makes you want to be home. How is your companion? My companion shes great, a lot of silence between us but shes a hard worker and drags me along haha actually its pretty equal I have to drag her along sometimes to. Shes very obedient so changing my ways to being very obedient is kinda hard. 
How do you like the area that you are in? Oh my gosh Washington is Gorgeous its so pretty here a lot of trees like a lot! So not use to that seeing dirt all the time to beautiful trees is amazing!
Have you met anybody that you know where that knows us? No not yet I hope I can though. I am in Lake Holm in Auburn so if you know anyone in that area we will go visit them!
How was it to jump back into missionary work after being home for a month? Its been a struggle, I was so confident and bold in the MTC so coming from home not being confident is really really hard. That's my goal this week is to be bold and to stand tall and teach this amazing gospel that we have in our hands. Im so blessed that I grew up into the church and that I get to go out and strengthen others. And bring them into the gospel. 
How is the missionary work going? Mission work is going great we taught 10 lessons to investigators only 4 were really interested in learning so we are working with them there names are Andrew, he's 14 we taught him the restoration a lot of questions that he had about our church he went to church so it was great seeing him there, James he's 10 we rode our bikes to church with him and we actually were talking to his mom and the first lesson James didn't want to attend the lesson the next lesson he was outside with us while we were talking to his mom and he said that he wanted to go to church his mom was sick on Sunday so she didn't end up coming. A guy named Ali that we contacted him on the street and wants to learn more. Also a guy named Lemar we had a lesson with him on Sunday but he wasn't home.  
Have you been giving lots of discussions? We had a total of about 22 lessons this week and we are still working hard, lessons with investigators members or less actives.
What has been the highlight of your week? Honestly seeing the Sorensens that was the best part and seeing who came to church that's such an amazing feeling.
What has been the most spiritual moment of your week? We were walking to our car and while we were walking we had the chance to go two ways we chose the right path because while we were walking this young man about 19 years old came outside we started talking to him and he's wanting us to teach him about the gospel more so we have a lesson with him once he returns home from vacation. 
So it looks like you got a new Mission president Elder and sister Rasmussen they must have just changed how are they? Yes this is there 3rd week here they are great! I love them super cute. 
How is your apartment that you live in? Its small but its good! But Guess what!! In Washington there's no air conditioning at houses, no one has air conditioning that I've been to so its hot always and then at night it gets cold!
How was your airplane ride and finding your luggage did you do that okay did you have any problems? No problems it all went good! I arrived safely! .  
So I think that's my questions for the week are you happy that you went back out on your mission was it the right choice and are you doing good? I think you can't ever make a wrong choice in serving but I am happy just struggling. I know it's going to be hard and it might be hard for a while and then it'll get easier and then there'll be some days that are hard but I can do hard things. 
Things that i need: 
The family calendar
I would really appreciate talks from everyone any good talks that has helped you in life or anything just send them my way!
I need a small hymn book
I need some recipes to cook I've been eating basically fruit for all meals need something else.
I need a new preach my gospel book mine got soaked some how so now I don't have one.
I want a small set of scriptures not to small that I cant read them but small enough to fit in my bag.
My socks go by so fast Taylor is right about that one, I already have been through 3 pairs of socks haha.
Church music on flash drives or on a cd.
Questions to ask:
My blood work test when do i need to get that done? and do i have to keep up on that?
How was my letter? haha 
Well I think that's about it love you family and everyone else! Keep strong in the Gospel it will bless your life. Don't judge and always keep an open loving heart to those around you. 
Love you guys take care!

 By the way awesome pictures of your arm mom and sorry that I cant send pictures to you my companion said that I shouldn't have the wi-fi camera.
Well I love you,
Love Sister Roberts. 

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