Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 8

Hello Family, 

I am doing better this week.  Oh my goodness mom I am so sorry to hear about your arm!! That stinks! I was praying for your bicept not to drop either dang it!  I got my package it was Awesome thank you! So my reults just showed that my iron is low?
Your week in NYC sounds so much fun!!! Yes I would say that you can send me videos if its about you then of courseIi want to see it! haha That is seriously so cool I don't really know who those celebrities are but thats awesome!! How fun to go to the Cheetoh museum we need to find the cat Cheetos then! Haha Oh my goodness it sounds like you guys are just famous!!! Haha that's awesomeIi want to travel there now! I loved hearing about your trip so fun!!!
Yes everything from the package fit perfectly they are so cute thank you so much!! I have to wear tights with it all because its so cold here!! 

We aren"t doing anything for P-Day:(
I would love for everyone to send me uplifting spiritual thingsand I need to get a flash drive full of music Gethsemane church music! 
What was the best part of your week? Seeing miracels happen

 I love you guys I didn't really have time to email the family today sorry and I loved the video ofLliam keep that coming and I love the letters love you guys tons take care have a great week!!

  Monday: P-Day!! Are seriously my favorite days ever! Haha this P-Day we went to the mall and just shopped it was so fun! Then afterwards we went straight to work. Nothing really happened that day. 

Tuesday: We had District Meeting which is usually so great!!! A quote that I really liked was "If nothing changes then nothing changes" So go out and change yourself for the better! Then we had a great lesson with Shanna she's an investigator her Mom was Mormon but she married a Christian so she stopped going. 

Wednesday: We went to a less actives house and she said that she wants to be sealed with her husband in the temple so they are working on that this week!! So exciting! Then we helped someone organize her house. That was fun she had a lot of work out and planned meals to eat to go on a diet. Then we had dinner at a members house we had chili it was so good! Then we helped someone organize her house she has a lot of crafts and she just collects crafts so we are trying to get rid of crafts that she has. It's so funny how many people we are working with to clean and organize their houses. It's a great lesson for me to not gather so much junk that I will not need LOL!(: 

Thursday: Weekly planning I love weekly planning! I need to work on bearing my testimony with others and being confident in myself. Then we went to the doctors and where there forever!!! Then we went to Marge's shes an investigator, we vacuumed her house we are also organizing her house too! Man peoples houses are going to become so pretty after we are done! 

Friday: We went to a Chiropractic he was so great! He shares the gospel with everyone that comes to him, he said that he's gotten two baptisms by them coming to him. Which is so cool! He chose a job where he can share the gospel and also do something that he enjoys doing! Then we went to Sister Coats we are also helping her organize her house and doing service for her. She wants to also be sealed to her husband so we are going to be working on that! Then we went to Marge's house and had dinner! She told me that I am to pushy... Because I want her to read the Book Of Mormon. My bad... Then we went over to the Ady's they are less active and we had a lesson with them which was such a great lesson! We watched a mormon video! Then we while tracking we heard gun shots so we were about to walk back but then someone yelled to us so went and talked to her. She met with the mormons before and said that she always had a question about our church why no girls can be prophets so we talked about the priesthood it was a great lesson but she said that they aren't interested it was so sad... 

Saturday: We had a great lesson with Andrew the 14 year old boy I am so excited for his baptism! He's going so strong! Then it was the womens Broadcast which was so cool! Miracle today we saw a lady looking through her purse to find her keys that morning i got the prompting to bring my flashlight so I did we saw her and she had no light so I told her that I do and we had such a great lesson about the gospel and she said that she wants to meet with us again! I am so excited about that!!!

Sunday: It was the primary program the kids are so cute!!!!(:
Commitment: Will you find people to share the gospel to? Will you pray to have missionary opportunities? 
I know that if you do those things you will be blessed and love the gospel more!(:
Love, Sister Roberts

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