Thursday, June 2, 2016

ER already!

Hey Mom,
 I went to the ER yesterday because of my UTI and its not a UTI they think its a Cyst on my Ovary I will keep you posted I tried calling you but realized that you were in Mexico so I think I get to call you later about it all. I am in pain but doing amazing and wonderful! I love my companion she's amazing! I have been sending pictures to you so I hope your receiving them! The sisters that were in the picture two of them are going to the same mission as I am and the other sisters are going to Oregon! Classes are going great we learned that if you are truly converted to the gospel then you won't fall away. Also if you think and ask yourself if the prophet fell away from the church would you? The answer would be no you would still keep going to church the only ones that would fall away are the ones that don't have a testimony you have to be truly converted to the gospel. I do wish that I had note cards and food! Because the MTC food is gross and makes you sick. Tell the Sorensens thank you for sending me doughnuts .  Today we slept in until 8 and just ate the doughnuts it was amazing sleeping in! I love the MTC,  pretty much just study and study. I miss you guys and love you all. I love my district and actually one elder is a full time model, before he came on his mission which is way cool! But how is Mexico?  How is my blog going? Love you talk to you soon.
Love your favorite daughter Sister Roberts(:

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